Friday, February 06, 2009


Today is Jonathan's birthday. We celebrated his birthday in school. His classmates enjoyed the cake and a little gift pack we did for them. Pictures {just a couple} later!

Jonathan shares the same birthdate as 2 other friends we know.

This is Megan. She's from Australia and a daughter of my Australian friend, Sharmaine Kruijver {who is a Kit Club designer at}.

Megan is 10 today. She's such a pretty girl. Read more about here at 4 Squirts and a Dollop of Cream

The other friend is Ms Hwee Khim. I may have her photo but I'm not sure where I put it now...haha! She was a teacher at Jonathan's school. We celebrated their birthdays together last year.

Happy Birthday Megan, Hwee Khim and Jonathan!

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