Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Feeding Jonathan can be a challenge sometimes. Not because it's difficult but it's cos he moves alot! especially when he's all excited.

I always forget ... sometimes I do remember ... sometimes I act quickly ... but not today ;o

This afternoon after school, about 2pm to be exact, it was feeding time. Inserted the tube, poured in his vitamin, then flushed with water and finally in went the milk. On the first 60ml, he started getting excited and swinging his arms randomly.

Next moment ...

His hand hit my right hand {which was holding the syringe ... attached to the tube ... attached to his tummy button} and goat milk flew out landing on my hair and legs.

What I never remember is whenever he's all excited ... CLAMP THE TUBE! ... then remove the tube until he's all calmed down a few minutes later then continue feeding.

So today, I had milk on my hair {around the forehead ... though not a large portion of my tresses}. So... if you see my hair silky and shiny ... you'll know how I got that! LOL!

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