Thursday, February 05, 2009


My family and I moved to Jalan Chempaka Puteh when I was turning 6. We had great childhood there. My dad bought a semi-detached house and also got one for his eldest brother and we lived side by side.

He removed the fencing between our home and we had a really big compound to play in. I have to search through all the old albums to find pictures of our old house @ Jalan Chempaka Puteh and post it up next time.

On Monday, 1 Feb, Jonathan didn't go to school cos his class went for an outing that we've already been before. So we took the day off from school and brought Jonathan for a walk at the Changi Airport.

On our way home on the train, we passed Jalan Chempaka Puteh. So we decided to drop at Tanah Merah MRT and walk all the way to see how the estate has developed after my mum and dad moved out around 2003.

from the train station, we had to walk the stretch of road and passed Katong Flower Shop.
My father used to buy potted flowers plans from them
and another flower nursery for Chinese New Year.

Amazingly ... Jonathan remembered where our old house was.
he told us where to go, which direction to take. He was so excited!
Here is the road sign and the park behind us is where
we used to play. Now, it's renovated and in better condition than before.

This street was where we used to cycle along, played racing games
and travelled for more than 20 years. As we walked along, I remembered
some families with familiar house decors still remained.

Number #33. This used to be our home. On the left is #31.
That's where my uncle's family stayed but they moved out before us.
Now, our ex-home is occupied by a retired couple. I secretly took this picture...haha.

This is the market place where we always buy food, grocery shopping.
There used to be a wet market but it's been replaced by Shop N Save Supermarket.
But the hawker centre is still around on the 2nd level. There was not lift, we didn't go up.

The Simpang Bedok Post Office.
Still the same old building structure where we did all our mailing.
I was nice going back. Jonathan was all ready to go home after walking in the hot sun! haha.

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