Tuesday, February 10, 2009


The first time I dreamed of my dad was a while ago ... maybe just within the year he passed away in 2003. Back then I haven't started blogging so I didn't journal it.

But I remember that in the dream, he was behind the car steering wheel waiting to drive us somewhere. He didn't talk, he only faced front and I didn't see his face.

Then a while later, I dreamed of him the 2nd time. My 2nd dream was a little more interesting and I saw his face.

A month later, I had a 3rd dream. This time, he was smiling and we were sending my sister and her family off at the airport.

This morning, in the dream, my whole family was in a room with dad on the bed, a little tan from cancer. He was cheerful and he asked me to do something. I think it was something to do with music. When I woke up suddenly from the dream, I was shivering with cold. The weather this morning {about 4.30am} was quite chilly. While still on the bed, I remembered every detail of the dream right up to the point when I woke up.

I started sneezing and decided to take a cold pill and went back to sleep. When I woke up, I forgot alot of details about the dream! Sigh...

Moral of the story ... write it down next time! ;o)

Anyway, I believe I'm the only person in my family who dreamed of dad 4 times. I didn't even think about him these few days. But whatever it is, I always love seeing him in my dreams.

I miss him ...

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