Monday, February 16, 2009


Class 7A has an outing to the supermarket every Tuesday to buy groceries for cooking session on Wednesdays. The class is split into 2 groups so that each group will take turns to go each week.

Tomorrow is Jonathan's group to go.

I gave him 2 choices: Will he prefer to go {a} supermarket or {b} physio therapy.

I would think he will choose the therapy session but he chose to go to the supermarket.

Upon reconfirmation, he said "no" to supermarket. When I ask if he prefers to go for therapy, he also said "no".

So in other words ... he doesn't want both .... even if I ask him if he rather stay in class, he will also answer "no". He'd rather not go to school if given the choice. haha!

Just like today. When he was at speech therapy, he was vocalising so much that turned to "crocodile tears". Told me repeatedly he needed to go to the toilet. We haven't seen the therapist for a long while so there was a lot to catch up and we chatted while Jonathan waited.

When therapy finished, I asked him if he really really needed to go to the toilet, he said "no". He just wanted to get out of the therapy room!

So smart my boy! haha!

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