Wednesday, February 04, 2009


We actually planned to go for the Hong Bao River on 1 February. But Jonathan didn't want to go so we decided to take him there on Saturday {31st Jan} morning. Nothing was on cos it starts at 6pm so we could only take these pictures. Good enough :)

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Jonathan loves this cityscape {below}

After that, we proceeded to the library @ esplanade. I took these pictures {below} in this room that holds all DVDs, video tapes and books on dancing {ballet, salsa, waltz, etc}. I like this room. It's quiet when nobody is there. I will bring Jonathan here, sit facing the window and look out. From here, I can see the Singapore Flyer.

Harith browsing through some classical CDs while Jonathan waited {below}

A local singing group performing at the library {below}

We went to the main Esplanad theatre entrance and bumped into a group of senior citizens performance singing chinese new year songs. They sounded really good. There were about 4 different groups performing that day, all senior citizens.


Penelope Gan said...

He's looking really big here.
ooh... and a "lau kai" photo there! ha ha

Serene Ho said...

haha! tks!