Sunday, February 15, 2009


Didn't go school on Friday cos I was beginning to feel a flu coming after 2 sleepless nights thanks to the mozzies!

Harith was @ his friend's studio and Jonathan wanted to go for a walk. it was almost 2pm so I insisted he put on his cap {which he did only for 5 minutes! LOL}.

This is a familiar sight under every housing block. The town council discourages residents to leave their bicycles outside the corridors cos they are narrow. So they fixed these "stands" attached to the wall for owners to leave their bikes there. These bikes parked downstairs sometimes get "abused". Thieves make off with the wheels leaving the body chained to the holders.. But looks like the people staying here at this block are very honest! LOL!

We walked from block to block. this is the picture I get whenever I push Jonathan's buggy. The only time I get to hold Harith's hand or arms is when he pushes the buggy. Otherwise, we don't get to hold hands at all while walking ... LOL! {Yes ... I'm still an old fashion lover ... LOL!}

Went to a neighbouring block. Jonathan always like to take elevators, especially when going on high floors and they move reall fast! We took the elevator to the 10th floor and took this picture. It was hazy so couldn't see far.

After 15 minutes, we headed back to our block. There's a hill just behind our block. On the top of the hill is actually the highway. Our home doesn't face the highway. On the left of this picture is actually the park right downstairs from where we live. I like it cos it's very windy most of the time in the year.

Decided to take a seat at the park. Let Jonathan enjoy the breeze before heading home {just upstairs}. That's why I love this place.

When I got home, went to my kitchen and saw this. A myna bird on a single leave of a coconut tree. The leave was swinging and not like a stiff stalk. But this bird was able to cling itself there and not once did it waver despite the wind. Talk about great balancing!

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