Saturday, February 14, 2009


I feel sad for my friend. Chatting with her today was fun. I had a lot of laughs and despite having to go through chemotherapy, I'm just happy she's strong and doing fine. They can't find the tumor in her bladder now and I hope it will continue that way and she will have full recovery! Way to go E!

E is a very strong lady and she took care of a little chinese girl with special needs for more than 10 years {who is not her own flesh and blood}.

Today, she shared her friend told her she has wasted her years just taking care of her special girl. It was like a stab to her heart. I totally know how she feels right now ...

Unfortunately, this came at a time when E is going through physical and emotional changes.

The other day, my sis-in-law and I bumped into a lady whom I don't even know and the first words she said to us were " wah! You 2 put on a lot of weight!"

Now ... I agree I'm on the "heavy" side. But not my sis-in-law! And she's fortunate I was on a good mood that day! haha!

So ... the moral of the story is ... whenever we meet acquaintances or friends, it's best to edify than discourage. You'll never know how the person's emotional meter is reading that day.


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