Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Pictures courtesy of Sean {professional photographer for the documentary in 2006}

We finally saw Uncle Kumar today {Jonathan's funny and witty physio therapist in school}! Our on and off attendance last year made us miss so many therapy sessions and we didn't get to see him when school started until today.

He assessed Jonathan and said his body tone is much better! Praise the Lord! So maybe we can stop seeing him already! haha. NOT!

Anyway, as usual, Jonathan was so so looking forward to his PT today. When he got to the therapy room, the first thing he asked Uncle Kumar was to give him a somersault! Talk about thrills!

He checked on Jonathan's shoulder {which I have some concerns with} and told me not to pull his arm if I want to make him sit upright. Because his muscle tone around there is still weak, I might accidentally dislocate his arm from the shoulder. Reminded me to do compressions to shoulder, elbow and wrist joints.

Then he checked Jonathan's ankles and suggested that if he's not going to wear his AFO {leg splint}, I should get him a pair of high ankle boots. That will stabilize his ankle as he could move the joints when he twisted Jonathan's feet. So ... new boots are coming.

He also noticed that Jonathan's lips turn pale whenever he does a certain exercise. That means he's missing something in his diet. Better go ask check this out.

So finally ... after kneeling, sitting, squatting and turning exercises, Jonathan finally got his somersaults. Three! He was all smiles and that really made his day! And ... he still didn't want to go back to class. Wanted to play with the giant bolster! haha! that will come next Tuesday.

I'm glad we had PT today. We almost didn't make it cos I overslept again!

But... it was a good assessment ... which I'm happy with.

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