Saturday, February 28, 2009


Went to our regular coffee shop for dinner this evening. I decided to order a bowl of lor mee {noodles in dark sauce gravy}. This dish is usually garnished with fried fillet, dark sauce pork slices, chili, vinegar and garlic.

I don't like to have garlic in my food and the hawker will always give you loads cos it's supposed to make this dish tasty.

I ordered my bowl of lor mee. I just couldn't remember the chinese words for garlic so conveniently told the uncle in mandarin "I don't want" but said the word garlic in english.

Uncle: "ha? gar-ree? what is gar-ree? you want lor mee or curry? You want laksa is it?"

The exchange went on for a while and even the aunty assisting him didn't know what I meant. Until the man next to me told them in mandarin "她不要大蒜" {hanyu pinyin ~ ta1 bu4 yao4 da4 xuan4 ... simply translated "she doesn't want garlic"}.

We all had a good laugh. I thanked the man and the hawker uncle told me "next time I remember your gar-ree!" haha!

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