Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Finished my paid project! Yay! \o/!

I'm so happy that I took 2 days to finished them. Had a hard time trying to come up with the design for these bookmarks. I'm thankful to God for helping me out. He gave me the creativity that I needed.

Their new owner will be collecting them this afternoon.

Since the name of the group is called Joyful Sparks, I decided to use glitter paper as the base. How to print words on glitter paper with ink jet printer? Simply "no...no". Cos the ink smudged when I tried. The only solution, either print on cardstock or vellum.

I found some thick vellum stash in my cupboard and got to use them. The next problem ... it looked awful in my mock-up when I pasted the vellum on the glitter cardstock. So the next best solution ... to stick the sides onto the back of the cardstock and leave the main part free and "dangling". That kinda gave it a nice effect actually :)

My friend wanted words to be printed on the bookmark as well. So I got some white textured cardstock and designed the page. For both the vellum and the cardstock, I sprayed Krylon Acid Free Workable Fixative to prevent the words from smudging when in contact with moisture or water. {below}

Finally, provided envelopes for the individual bookmarks cos they are going out as Christmas gifts. Did some doodling on them {below}
Praise the Lord for this completed project. Very happy.

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