Thursday, December 11, 2008


Went to Ikea Tampines today to look for furniture for my big set up in the dining room area. Jonathan found the place to cluttered to his liking ... don't know why. Halfway walking through the displays, he was already fussing to get out of the area.

Towards the end of Ikea ... when we were at the self-collection section, he started smiling and talking loudly. It was an open space area with lots of high racks. He preferred that.

Well ... here's proof of us being there today! Too bad we didn't have time to have lunch at their restaurant, they have really nice meatball spaghetti there. Next time ...


val said...

wow...dunno how u cope.....i dont think bryant has even gone to ikea before! lol

Serene Ho said...

haha...i can only do it when H is around.