Sunday, December 28, 2008


I had a dream yesterday morning. Jonathan woke up at 9am and wanted to go back to sleep.
So I let him do it and laid down beside him and had this dream:

The 3 of us, H, Jonathan and myself were in a taxi, going to a party hosted by Eslin. She's Jonathan's school ex-teacher who has become a good friend.

We reached our destination and she showed us around. She brought us to the basement and told us that the swimming pool and buffet spread were there.

While walking down the stairs, we saw the swimming pool. A big pool divided into half by a wall right up to the height of the water level. Jonathan being adventurous, started running along the narrow wall. Then suddenly, he fell into the pool! We shouted for an elderly man who was in the pool but he said he doesn't know how to dive.

Next moment, we saw Jonathan's head coming out of the pool. In the dream, he seemed to know how to swim but soon he was in the water again. By this time, H already jumped in, with his clothes and sneakers fully intact, and brought Jonathan out of the pool, still gasping for air.

I ran across the divider and H handed Jonathan to me. I remembered very clearly what I said to Jonathan next, "Why did you run across the divider like that!?!"

Then I woke up, with Jonathan's hand touching my face...

As I laid on the bed next to Jonathan, I kept recalling the dream again and again in my mind. The part that excited me was not him falling into the pool {he was saved!}.

The most exciting part was that he was walking and running. That was what made me recall it and to be sure I didn't forget the details.

I believe one day my dreams will come true ... and this is not the first time I dreamed of Jonathan walking :)

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