Thursday, December 25, 2008


Merry Christmas to all!

Hope everyone had a joyous Christmas celebration!

Christmas eve was a quiet one for our family of 3 ... went down to have dinner and then later Harith and I wrapped presents. He wanted the house to be merry for Jonathan. So instead of buying a Christmas tree that have become more costly lately, he decided to go arty.

And the Christmas tree turned out really fantastic and we love it! {Picture later}.

the only dampen thing was that it rained on Christmas eve so we could go out but to stay home and watch television, cleaned up the house a little.

Harith's family had a dinner gathering tonight and we had a good time catching up cos it's really hard to meet each other on a regular basis.

Jonathan got his pressies from his aunties and uncles and I forgot to take pictures of his cute face and him showing a "thank-you" sign language to them.

And me? at 42 years of age ... still like a little girl ... got a big present from Valerie and a good friend Mabel. {Pictures later}!

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