Wednesday, December 31, 2008


On the morning of New Year's eve, we went to Downtown East, a recreation place cum chalets at Pasir Ris. Besides the chalets, there is also the Escape Theme Park.

We have always wanted to bring Jonathan for the ferris wheel ride there. It's a miniature of the Singapore Flyer ... but I prefer this because it's smaller and it moves faster.

The ferris wheel is located at the E-hub. The whole section of this area has 5 floors. There is a supermarket, an adventure playground with lots of tunnels for children to play in {of course tickets have to be purchased}, lots of eateries and a movie theatre on the highest level.

We were blessed that morning. First, we were the only family taking the ride. Secondly, the price of one ticket is SGD6.50 {whether child or adult} but for 3 pax, we paid SGD15.50. Two complete rounds per ride. The 2 young men operating the ferris wheel gave us a surprise by adding another whole round. What a day for Jonathan!

Pictures from the start of our morning ...

Went to Burger King for breakfast.

After purchasing tickets, Harith carried Jonathan up the ramp.

Got into the "cabin" that resembled a bird cage. Very spacious.

Beginning of the ride.

As we moved higher, we got a great view of a part of the Pasir Ris estate, including the sea on the left side.

A view from our cabin of the ferris wheel mechanism.

The ferrise wheel is about 5 storeys high. We went up to the 3rd floor and took this picture.

This is from the 4th floor.

We had a great morning and Jonathan said he enjoyed the ride. PTL!

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