Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Everytime, before we leave our home to go out, whether it's to the market across the street or Orchard Road or just Tampines Central, we will pray for God's protection and safe journey.

I thank God for protecting us today.

We went to town because I needed some art materials. Our destination was Bras Basah.

When we got there, we decided to go to a hawker centre at Victoria Street for brunch first. After our meal, we had to cross the busy road to Bras Basah Complex.

At normal traffic junctions, the pedestrian crossings are straight through the whole road.

Not this one. It's actually right in the middle of the whole stretch of road just right in front of Allson Hotel. But instead of a straight crossing, it's split and divided at the centre divider.

We crossed from Victoria Street first then walked to the centre divider. Waited for the traffic lights from the centre divider to turn red before crossing to Bras Basah side. There were about 8 people waiting to cross over while only two of us plus Jonathan were at the centre divider.

When the lights turned red, we waited for a few seconds before crossing as what we usually do. The people from the opposite side were already getting off the pavement and moving.

We took off from the centre divider and I looked left. There was a car driving towards the crossing. But to my horror ... instead of stopping, he just drove on! He went through the red stop light!

He wasn't driving at a hight speed but fast enough that he actually could knock someone off the road.

All the people crossing {including us} were stunned! A lady who passed by me said "good thing you didn't cross first." of which I replied "he wasn't paying attention!" A man who crossed first {probably in a hurry} was almosted knocked down by the car!

I saw the driver's side profile. He was probably in his late 20s or early 30s. He wasn't on the phone. He just drove straight, didn't even flicker when he saw people crossing ... didn't jam his breaks. He just drove on.

I took down his license plate number. But there was not a traffic police camera to capture the mistake he's made. But still ... the number is 9992 U. The front initials I saw were SPD but then I realised there's no SP yet. So it's either SFD or SED or whatever!

May your car break down! haha! But in any case, he may be sick or feeling dazed ... we will never know.

So ... always say a prayer before you leave home ... and ... wait for a while before crossing the road. Make sure the coast is clear.

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