Friday, December 05, 2008


My sister-in-law Mary {aka Ah Sor ~ eldest brother's wife ~ to me} and her son, Ruel {10 yr old today ... happy birthday!} went on a trip to Thailand and were stuck there when the protestors stomped the airports. But God opened a way for them while they were there to return home safely with 15 other children and friends from their church.

They were there for a special mission. I find her testimony truly touching and want to share it with you.

Here's what my Ah Sor wrote ...

Dearest all,

Thank you for keeping us in prayer. Thank you very much, Arina.

17 of us went to Khon Kuen, Thailand on a mission trip. We ministered tothe poor, mainly those living in squatters near railway track, in handicapped school, public schools and to the orphans. Because the airports were closed, we could not return.

Many parents from our church were panicking because their children as young as 7 yrs were with us. We were told flights were full till 10 Dec but we prayed and one lady in our group saw a vision of Moses parting the Red Sea while I had the story of Jesus calming the storm in my mind. We knew God will make a way when there seems no way and He will take care of us.

True enough, after our prayers, someone from Silkair (we were booked on Thai Airway)called and he said, "You guys are lucky. We have exactly 17 seats for you". They told us that there were not enough food for all. Guess what? other passengers somehow didn't want their dinner and we were given the food!

In order to board the flight back to Singapore, we have to endure 11 hours of winding, dangerous, bumpy coach ride through the mountains to Chiangmai. The journey was terrible, many of us vomited. I was the worst hit. Thank God, we survive.

During one session, as I was praying, I could feel the strong presence ofthe Holy Spirit. I suddenly had this strong taste of blood in my mouth. I knew it could not be my teeth because I visited the dentist before the trip. I asked the Lord what it means, was there a message? Then I noticed a young girl about 7 yrs holding a pin and pricking her feet. I took it away and hid it in the crack on the floor. I later realised from the staff she is a HIV patient, orphaned, living in a charity home run by an Australian lady. At that point, I never thought what if she had pricked me. I guess it is the love of Christ that dispel all fears. My feeling was Jesus using my arms to hug her and showing her that someone cares.

At another encounter, I was asked by our leader to go pray for a 15 yrs old girl in the hospital. She had a mental breakdown. When I saw her, she looked dazed and sleepy. Her mum said she was under medication to control her emotion. I prayed for her while she was lying down sleeping. She suddenly sat up (startled all of us) and the interpreter asked us to continue to pray as she could feel something. I had the impression to whisper into her ears that Jesus loves her. She started singing and asking Jesus to help her. She sang Jesus, Lover of My Soul in Thai. I don't understand what is wrong with her but had the feeling she will testify the goodness of the Lord when she is well.

This trip makes me understood what Jesus said, harvest is plentiful but labourers are few. Thanks again for praying and the patience to hear my sharing of the presence and glory of God.

Praise be unto God.



Penelope Gan said...

Serene, thanks for sharing.
It's truly so beautiful and miraculous. Yes, GOD works wonders regardless of religion and even if you are a non-believer.

I'll like to point out that most of HIV stories are clouded by negative stigma and I am fortunate to have crossed paths with a few who has left a BIG impression on me; moved to the point that I am now a volunteer and fundraiser for Malaysia AIDS Council.

I am so relief that your Ah Sor and the kids are well. Strange that having read abt someone you 'know' the experience is just different.

Keep well and hugs to Jon.

Serene Ho said...

You always have a big heart for charity, Penny. Glad I got to know you and Val!