Saturday, December 06, 2008


Today, I did a major clean-up at my dining area. I cleared all my art papers {not scrapbooking ones} that I have kept for many years! They were all kept in one-inch thick box files and I have about 7 of them! they were all placed in a tiny metal rack.

Because I'm going to use that area for something big coming ... I had to clear off the area, take my scrapbooking stuff off the dining table {that has been lying there for a few months now :( } and then repack them in plastic crates I bought from a local bookstore and put them on the metal rack.

Now the dining table is clear! {happiness for H ... who bore with me for the longest time ... tks dear!} ... and I'm all ready to clear the cupboard that's next to the metal rack. Maybe next week.

Jonathan was good ... sooooo good, in fact, to stay on his buggy for more than 2 hours, watching Wheel of Fortune while I worked. Even when his diaper leaked and he was wet, he didn't bother me at all, until I finished about 3pm. Didn't want him lying around near the dust and all.

Sometimes it's hard to do this myself cos someone needs to watch over Jonathan. But I'm glad I did cos H had to work today.

My great accomplishment today without H helping me!

ps ... I will take a photo of that area when my something big is setup!

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