Tuesday, December 09, 2008

I AM SO ...

How should I say it? I am so ... jealous? Jealous is a strong word. Envious? Perhaps.

Why? Because my prince ... dear, darling Jonathan, who is the love of my life ... calls his papa and mama in different tones.

This I found out quite recently.

When calling his papa, he will give a very gentle tone of "urh" sound.

But ...

When calling me ... a hard tone "URH!"

Proof? I noticed it one day when he kept calling his papa 2 days ago. But when he called me, it was totally a different tone.

So ... I asked him. Gave him 2 choices of answers to choose from.

My question was: "How do you call papa? Do you use {right hand} soft voice or {left hand} hard voice? He chose the right hand.

Now I don't even have to tell you what he chose for me! haha!

So ... shall I be jealous or envious? I leave it to you ... LOL!

But because he's my darling after all ... I SHALL BE NEITHER!

PTL! ;-)

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