Thursday, December 04, 2008


Jonathan used this customized wheelchair seat when he was about 5 or 6 yrs old.'s become too tight for him to sit in. So on Wednesday {3 December 08}, we decided to donate this wheelchair to Eugene from

What they do is pick up the donated wheelchairs or equipment, service them and either give them or loan them to low income families with special needs members.

A company sponsored this wheelchair to Jonathan so it's right we give it back to society.


Penelope Gan said...

I only wished we had such a strong support system as you do in Singapore. I guess that's why WE are here to make a difference.

Bryant's chair is getting tight too, he has grown overnite from a 12kg boy to a 18kg boy!

Serene Ho said...

Oh wow! Bryant is getting to reach Jonathan's weight soon! And they're 4-5 years difference in age!

In many ways, Singapore still has alot to learn. But we have made tremendous progress and I'm thankful for kind hearted people and organisations who sponsor.

I hope it gets better in Msia ... and yes ... we will make a difference to the best of our ability!