Saturday, December 13, 2008


I got this cute free download from a Christian scrapbooking site {Faith Sisters}. It's by Kreative Karma. Click HERE. It's for a limited time only.

Did this layout with a photograph I took recently {featured in my earlier post}. I didn't use all the materials given in the kit. For the headers "enjoying christmas", I used word art to create them {font: wonkers}

Materials used:

  1. Mint Goodies as base
  2. Creamy Snowballs as base for photograph
  3. TMC9of9 Ribbon as frame over photograph
  4. Ribbon Bow
  5. Green Jute string


Wishful Thinking said...

Ohh flash new blog header :-) (I read my blogs in Google reader, so when I get a chance to comment I often get a surprise how people's blog looks!).
Jonathan looks very cute in the pic and way to go you for doing a digi LO! You are more adventurous than me! :-)

Serene Ho said...

Thanks Rachel!

I wish I had my camera then to take a better quality pic. I used my mobile phone that day. But still...I was happy to be able to come up with this digi layout. First time. A pat on my back! You should try it. it's simple. But I still like the traditional ones.