Tuesday, December 30, 2008


There is a pasar malam {night market "pasar means market", "malam means night"} just down the street where we live. For our international friends ... it is sort of like a flea market. The organisers will pitch shelter-tents along the pavement of the street and stalls will be opened. They range from selling potted plants, to clothes, to bags, snacks and lots more.

So the whole stretch {about 200 meters} will be lined with these stalls.

This pasar malam has 3 game stalls and we decided to let Jonathan play the spinning wheel game because it looked like the Wheel of Fortune. He was so eager! For $3, we get to spin the wheel. The "prizes" were labelled alphabetically. If you landed on A, you will get a prize of a set of plastic pick-up sticks.

I helped Jonathan spin and it stopped at G. His prize? A set of police apparatus that included a plastic gun with bullets, handcuffs and a grenade. LOL!

He said he wanted to play with it but we haven't done it yet. Soon ...

I'm just glad we got to do this. I bought a package of sweet & sour prunes. Then we ended at Macdonald's for a drink before heading home.

Here's Jonathan in front of the wheel

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