Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Finally! We brought Jonathan to Orchard Road to see the lights and experience the crowd ... of which he didn't really liked the "crampy" street ... LOL!

Original plan was to alight from cab at Far East Plaza but traffic was so heavy we stopped at Goodwood Park Hotel ... then made our way by foot.

From Goodwood Park Hotel, we walked down to Far East, then passed Marriott Hotel. In front of Tangs Store, a group was getting ready to present carols. But because the crowd was thick there, we decided to move on.

Headed towards Ngee Ann City where lots of carolling were going on. Bands could be heard playing. People crowding around them. These carollers and band performers were from various churches who organised the big Christmas Float display on Friday night {which ...thankfully ... we didn't go for}. The area there was the most crowded. Jonathan didn't like it.

First destination ... Heeren {where HMV is ... and guess who wanted to go there? haha}. They had a very unique light display {although cannot be seen clearly in these pictures}.

This was taken outside of Heeren {below} while waiting to cross the road. We were heading towards Centrepoint.

Here outside Centrepoint. They had lights streaming down the pillars {below}. Thought it was a nice place to take a picture and everybody else was doing the same LOL!

Went into Centrepoint and caught this 3-piece band playing Christmas songs. Jonathan liked them.

Had some time so went to Marks and Spencer {@ Centrepoint} for tea and hot scones and fed Jonathan before heading to Plaza Singapura. We wanted to catch a church group singing carols at 10pm. But by the time we fed Jonathan and walked over to Plaza Singapura, the carollers were just finishing and saying "good night and Merry Christmas!" haha.
They had a whole lot of nativity displays there at the big compound. Enjoy the pictures {although I wish the lights were brighter ...}

We finally walked all the way near Bras Basah. By then it was already 11pm. took a cab from there and headed home. Jonathan was good that night. He said he liked it but would not come down again...LOL! :)

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