Tuesday, December 23, 2008


15 DECEMBER 2008

Got a call from my sister that this package from Valerie arrived safely in her office. Instructions given to me via email from Val is ... "not to open until 25th!". Did I take heed? For me to know ... for you to find out. Asked my ta jie to bring it back to her home and I will pick it up.

We wanted to bring Jonathan to Orchard Road today but decided against it and brought him to the airport instead. We went to Terminal 3 and stayed there. The theme this year was Christmas with Mickey Mouse ... all Disney characters.

Picture taken at the entrance of the new Airport Hotel.

This was taken from the 2nd floor of the Airport Hotel.

16 DECEMBER 2008

Did this birthday tag for my grand-nephew who turned 2. Cute little boy who's getting smarter everyday.

Then ... finished up the rest of my Christmas cards for family and friends. Mailed them all out and happy to hear some of them received their cards.

17 DECEMBER 2008

Had a date with Kevin this morning to order the equipment for our big setup. Before going to Touch & Print, we dropped by ta jie's home to collect the package from Valerie. Initial plan was to deliver the equipment before Christmas. I'm glad I changed my mind cos there are loads of things to do now till Christmas! but I can't wait for them to arrive after Christmas ... date not fixed yet.


Val said...

wah...trip to airport...bryant hasnt been before! thanks for the photo..i now know condition of parcels upon receipt! ka ka....

pss...DONT OPEN ....2 more days away!

Serene Ho said...

In Singapore...the airport is another tourist spot for us to go to. I don't think other countries are like this..haha.

Yes...parcel was in good condition cos delivered by hand! I can't wait and will flout the rules! LOL!

Ann Thomas said...

Hi Serene, I stumbled across your blog and was truly blessed by your writings.


P.S.: absolutely lovely x'mas cards!

Serene Ho said...

Hello Ann! Thank you for dropping by and your compliments. Will visit your blog one day!