Sunday, April 26, 2009

7.5, 10, 30

That's the measurement of medication I gave to Jonathan today. He caught the sniffles again last night. That's probably due to the air-condition. A chain of events:

1) It's very hot! turn on air-condition
2) Stuffy nose starts
3) Give medication.
4) Health improve, give multi-vitamin + C to boost immune system
5) Starts constipating
6) Give fruit juice
7) Doesn't agree with stomach
8) Cycle starts from #3.

Any ideas to help improve this situation? Greatly appreciated.

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May said...

same here. when we turn on the ac, we know Vera suffers. She has stuffy nose now and can't breathe as well.

1) Get aircon cleaned professionally i think helps.
2) Set to highest possible - ours is at 27 degs
3)Don't sleep in aircon - but how right! So unbelievably hot!