Tuesday, April 28, 2009


What flu back was the flu that left last week. Jonathan's nose started being stuff Sunday afternoon and by evening, he wasn't feeling good already.

It doesn't help that the weather is so erratic. What made it worst is that we just had to turn on the air-condition because it's totally unbearable in this heat to fall asleep no matter how tired we are.

And the fact that my 15 year-old air-conditioner changes it's mood even though we set the temperature for the correct cool. Sometimes we set at 23 degrees, it feels like 28 degrees throughout the night. then suddenly it will dip and 23 degrees feels like 18/19 degrees.

Siow! So it happened last night. Jonathan woke up with his hands, legs and nose cold as ice and the mucus level escalated. Gave him medication and that didn't stop him from waking and sleeping in this pattern for the next 3 hours!

No school teacher .. who promptly told me it's ok...no need sorry...take care.


May said...

I'm wondering when the erratic weather is going to get to Vera too. For mucus, if it's thick and a lot, have you tried Fluimucil? It's great for dislogding mucus and it's non-syrup...can check with your doc.

time to change your air con! : )

Serene Ho said...

Jonathan has been using flumocil since young. It's a wonder medication. helps tremendously. thanks May!

Anonymous said...

just rubbed some vick on his feet and wear a pair of sock.

Serene Ho said...

Thank you anonymous. But Jonathan doesn't have serious cough for me to do that.