Thursday, April 16, 2009


Class outing ... NOT! for Jonathan yesterday. We did plan to meet his teachers and classmates at the Merlion Park. But communication with Teacher Lay Keong revealed heavy downpour in town. So we decided to detour to Marina Square as we didn't want to be stuck at ONE FULLERTON when his teachers and classmates make their way back at school.

We walked to the Esplanade after having breakfast at Marina Square. It was drizzling and we were trying to catch a glimpse of the children on wheelchair in a distance (see the merlion at the far background?) but was told they were ready to head back to school.

Decided to take a picture as proof that we were "there?" haha!

Zoomed in on the merlion ... no children with wheelchair in sight!

So...we headed to the library @ Esplanade ... much to Jonathan's annoyance of having to wait for daddy to finish choosing his classical CD!

So to pass away time, I played peek-a-booo with him, took more pictures of our handsome prince.

Then he stretched his hands and I gave him the camera and told him that as long as he sees mummy in the LCD screen, he can press the snap button ... which he did ... even though I was holding his index finger.

Finally ... the rain stopped and we decided to head to the Merlion Park cos we have never been up-closed to the Merlion before! It was a 5 minutes walk from the library.

Snapping pictures along the way.

The Merlion ... funny how we have never thought to go there even though we are Singaporeans!

Got a tourist to take this picture for us.

Harith ... "moving" Jonathan's head to show him the Merlion.

I'm so glad he smiled in this picture ... and did it naturally without coaxing too!

A small replica of the Merlion.

We walked along towards Fullerton hotel, below the highway.

Jonathan had a good time. He enjoyed it and I hope his teachers and classmates did get a chance to see the Merlion. We had and went home.

But on the way home, he started feeling sick. We were only outfor 4 hours and in the afternoon, he threw up a couple of time.

This morning I asked him why he said he felt fine the whole time it was out. Only when he was in the taxi on the way home that he felt sick. He said he was tired. I guess it was probably sitting on the buggy for a prolong period and also the stuffy taxi with the driver driving at such a slow speed cos she was on the phone!

Eventful day wasn't it?


Nicole (The one in HK now) said...

The shot you took of under the highway was fantastic!!!!
See lah, of all things, only comment on photo. But well, you know me..... :) Wow - I really like the part where Jon took the photo of you. Maybe can develop the potential huh? Sigh, again its about photos. I'm obsessed. hehe.

Serene Ho said...

Thanks for your compliments! I try to be artistic heh heh. Jon did good, I agree!