Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Stubby hand ... but I'm showing off my pink nail that was painted by Hazel Menon on Monday 20th April.

The ever bubbly Hazel Menon from Immanuel Beauty School was so kind to come down to Jonathan's school to assess some teenage girls on their co-ordination skills. Reason being .. perhaps maybe some of the girls will have the potential to attend a nail technician course so that she can make it her career when she graduates from school.

{NOTE: Immanuel Beauty School offers courses to teenage girls who drop out of school or from girls' homes.}

So ... it was a pink nail with a meaningful purpose!

It was fun {for me}. I got to be the "helper" and gave Hazel another pair of eyes to observe the girls. The cute thing was all of them had already trimmed their finger nails so they could not really practise filing nails on each other! LOL!

I learned a trick or 2 about nail care. Besides having my finger nail painted pink {which incidentally ... after we left school ... I realised I don't have a nail polish remover! aaahhhh!} and having it stay with me till my nail outgrows it {of course I'm not going to buy a bottle of nail polish remover! LOL!} I had both my hands massaged by Hazel and one of the girls. How cool is that! It was so good. I just may do that on Jonathan cos I felt a little different after each massage.

Thanks Hazel for doing this and treating me to lunch!

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