Thursday, April 30, 2009


I'm tired. Because Jonathan kept waking up with the runny cum stuffy nose and loads of drooling cos it was hard to breath and swallow saliva at the same time. Me - never mind. I'm only concern for Jonathan cos he's more tired than me. Black rings appearing under his eyes.

I think this is the longest flu he's ever had. Most times, he recovers within one/2 days. This one happened on Sunday afternoon.

This morning, after he fell into deep sleep from his wake-n-sleep episode that lasted for one hour, I couldn't sleep. So at 6am, decided work on the flex material for some t-shirts I'm going to print on soon.

Nice and quiet, except for the chinese music from the park downstairs while a group of elderly ladies do their morning exercise. Tempted to join them but didn't want to tire myself especially when Jonathan wakes up ... although I know exercise might refresh me a little.

It's passed the afternoon. Brought Jonathan to see the doctor again this morning, after last night's doctor's diagnosis didn't work. Hopefully this new medication will stop the runny nose.

I long for the all-through-the-night-sleep again.

Thank you Jesus for answering my prayers. More importantly that Jonathan be well again.


May said...

Totally in your shoes! Vera's doing the wake sleep wake again...cos of stuffy nose so can't breathe properly. She's got the eye bags too...and totally listless when awake. Air con and the hot/cold weather is really a bad combination! I'm so tired too...

Sharmaine said...

Hugs Serene!

PS I love the new look of your blog, very cool

Nicole (The one in HK now) said...

May the Lord grant you sweet sleep. Jon too.