Saturday, April 18, 2009


I have sensitive nose. The sinus gets worked up whenever it doesn't agree with anything.

I snort and snort until it gets on everybody's nerves ... haha {the faux-natural instinct of the nose's nature, NOT!)...haha!

anyway ... forgot to turn off the air-condition last night when i feel into a deep deep sleep in Jonathan's room. Normally Harith will do the honors for me but because it was so humid hot last night, he thought we could use another few hours of the cool room.

Turned out to be cold for me, not for Jonathan.

I ended up with a stuffy~cum~runny nose. took a pill at 4am and feeling better already to face another hot~humid~lots of water drinking~kinda day.

Hope everybody's well hydrated too!

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May said...

Agree! Last night was SO hot we turned on the AC. We know AC is bad for Vera's block nose, but last night really cannot take it! So the price was Vera woke up in the middle of the night cos can't breathe properly with the AC...sigh