Sunday, April 26, 2009


Finally met Valeria and Rachel today! We were supposed to meet on Friday but Valerie and Rachel had shopping to do which they could not finish {more Valerie actually who just couldn't stop buying haha!}.

This morning, I went down to meet them and shop (more!) with them at Spotlight.
I'm glad I caught them before they left for home. See you again soon ladies!

{from left} Valerie, Rachel & me

Finally got to meet Rachel {a scrapbook artist}

Helping Valerie to pack cos she had loads of purchases!

Valerie bought me this yummy papaya pickle. Love it! Chilled it and it's yummalicious!
{She actually bought a tub for herself and finished it all at one go!}
T-shirts I printed for them.

{above} for Rachel

{above} for Valerie

{above} for Penelope ... her blog header
For Scrap-n-Crop {hopefully to be in the store soon :) }

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Wishful Thinking said...

Hi Serene - lovely to finally met you too :-) And THANK YOU so much for the awesome tee-shirt. I will get a pic of me wearing it and blog it at some stage :-)