Thursday, April 02, 2009


I've watched this movie and I absolute fell in love with the boy character who had dyslexia.

The struggles he went through .. nobody knew what problem he had, even his parents ... especially his father ... who thought that the boy was rebellious, lazy and didn't want to study ... sending him to a boarding school ... only 9 years old ... to fend for himself ... and who almost went into depression.

It took a special education teacher to find out about the boy's problem.

This reminded me of a friend who had the same problem. She didn't find out about her child's condition until he was almost in primary 6. He showed signs from the very beginning ... :(

The part that I remembered best is what the special education teacher said to his father, who wanted the teacher to know that they cared just because they went online to research about dyslexia:

{Not exact words}
"Caring is hugging the child, telling him you will be there when he needs you ... to come to you whenever he has a problem ..."

If you can get hold of this movie ... watch it. I did.

Thanks to Jonathan's teacher.

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