Tuesday, April 14, 2009


While feeding Jonathan, saw some flying ants on the floor near his mat. Then I looked up and saw lots of them flying around the ceiling light. Immediate action was to turn off all the lights in the house. After a while, they disappeared altogether {probably invading another house...lol!}

While in total darkness, I took out a small flashlight {torchlight} and shone it around the house. Got Jonathan smiling. I made him hold the flashlight, pointing to my hand and I signed the alphabets on the wall. He thoroughly enjoyed it.

My attempt to capture a picture of my shadow failed..haha {that's a "w" up there!}. But at least I managed to hold the flashlight and camera together with my right hand, which I must say was not e.z!

We had fun.

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May said...

we were hit by the flying ants as well! had their wings in vera's hair haha ...torch light! why didn't I think of that! Vera loves light show too. will bring one out to let her enjoy. Thanks!