Tuesday, April 07, 2009


For a week now, Jonathan has been clenching his teeth. We always hear this clicking sound coming from his mouth. Most times we always tell him not to do that.

Then one day i asked him whether he's got pain in his teeth, he said yes.

I checked .. I don't see anything.

Then I asked if any of this teeth is coming out, he said yes.

I checked .. I don't' see anything shaking, even pressing his teeth with a towel wrapped around my finger. Pressing my hand against cheeks too. Maybe that was why I couldn't feel anything. The towel was too thick, and so is his cheek walls...haha. I pried open his mouth, I don't see anything.

The dentist once told me if I see the molars yellowing, that means it might drop off. This will happen between 12 and 14 years old. But then again, his teeth are a little yellowish so it's hard to tell..haha.

This morning, there were blood stains on his bedsheet. I was wondering if he bit his lips again.

The clicking actually got louder since last night.

When Harith came to his room, he was shock to see blood coming out of Jonathan's mouth.

I pried open his mouth and saw a loose molar tooth. Used a small towel and took it out. Harith passed me some gauze, I let him bite on it and the bleeding stopped.

Asked if it hurt, he said no. Asked if he's happy the tooth is out, he said yes. Gave him a dose of panadol to ease the pain.

I still have the molar. But not nice to show, with all the dark fillings it looks like it was decayed. Yes ... nowadays, fillings are dark colored. Dentist say last longer.

Thank God it came out while we were all awake. Every night we pray for Abba Father to watch over Jonathan as he sleeps, keeping him comfortable, protecting him. Abba Father never fails. Otherwise he might have choked on the tooth.

Pray for your children.

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