Monday, April 06, 2009


Despite having just recovered from his flu and still under antibiotics and other medicine, Jonathan wants to listen to music with his daddy.

Harith was busy with something and told Jonathan to wait. But as you can see ... our little boy CANNOT wait!

I was at the computer and when I turned my head, he disappeared! Not on his mat. Only for me to discover him at the doorway.

He shifted and shuffled into the music room only to be blocked by the bed at the entrance.

So funny! He even does this just to come to me while I'm at the computer. And from the smile on the 2nd photo, he's pretty proud of himself for doing this! ;o)


Wishful Thinking said...

heheheee ... that made me smile :-) What a clever boy ... knows his own mind LOL

Serene Ho said...

We are really enjoying each other's children...LOL! Yup! He's really got his own mind now ... all 12 years old of them!

thanks for visiting!