Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Call it purple finger tips or bluish hues. I got the diagnosis term from Dr Ong tonight.

Peripheral Cyanosis is due to low hemoglobin. I've checked out what it means .. why it's related to Cyanosis. Here's the answer.

Further from my earlier post. Googled on peripheral cyanosis and found that one of the factors is due to lack of vitamin and iron.

So .. that's probably why. Have to give more to Jonathan now. The only problem is he constipates when given too much vitamin. So then have to find other solution to the poo~poo issue. But .. tt's ok. More honey and fruit juices!

I'm off to work ... yes ... at 3.30am! LOL!


May said...

hi serene. I am May and I just wanna say how much I admire your dedication to your son. I have just become a SAHM and it's been so difficult. Seeing that you've come this far encourages me. Don't know many moms of special needs kids in sg...glad to read your blog...lots to learn from you. My baby has symptoms similar to cp...low muscle tone and can't sit up although she's one now. most likely can't walk.

May said...

Yes, Olbas Oil is very helpful for stuffy noses. Recommended by many moms. Much more effective than vicks.

She's on Nan 2 now, but I wonder if I should switch to Pediasure cos she's not gained any weight for 4 months!

May said...

btw, I didn't get your email. it's

Serene Ho said...

Hi May! thanks for visiting my blog again! Yikes! You didn't get my email? Ok...I'll resend. Maybe check your spam folder!

We'll talk more!