Saturday, April 04, 2009


Had the parent/teacher/therapists meeting yesterday. Went well. First time in all the meetings for Jonathan .. I didn't feel anxious or stressed. I supposed it's because we have Jonathan's curriculum changed and everything is easy going now. So ... since he's always away from school quite alot, the goals for his therapy are the same as last year ... LOL!

I'm grateful to Teacher Lay Keong, PT Kumar, ST Kunal and OT Mohanty for their hard work and for their dedication in wanting to help Jonathan to the fullest! KUDOS TO YOU ALL!!

We talked about why Jonathan skips school ... not sleeping well, falling sick etc. Then ...

When I got home in the afternoon after the meeting, our prince fell sick! Sigh ... brought him to doctor Ong and found his respiratory track a little noisy.

So ... we're on antibiotics again ... sigh ...

We had a fitful rest last night. I fell asleep instantly at 11pm only to wake up at 1.30am by Jonathan's calling me and H telling me Jonathan's soaking wet cos I didn't change his diaper. H helped me change his bed sheet while I changed his pajamas.

Woke up every 2 hours ever since to check on him.

It's no fun when he's not well but I'm just thankful that he's ok after waking up today. No sound on the chest area but I still have to administer the Ventolin inhaler for a few more times.

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